Why Own 1g and 5g Pamp Suisse Bars?

One of the greatest virtues of gold is also what makes owning it a challenge. It's a great deal of value in a very small and portable unit. If someone needs to travel and carry as much wealth as possible in as little space as possible, gold is the best option. Not only is it portable, but its value is recognized throughout the world. Part of the challenge, however, lies in its great value.

Recently, PAMP has met these challenges and overcome them brilliantly with their new 1g and 5g bars.

The goal was to bring purity together with fractional availability in a way that could overcome concern about losing such precious treasures due to their size. To accomplish this, PAMP developed a certification technique that both validates their ingots and preserves them for storage and transport.

"Your assurance of authenticity through and through, PAMP ingots arrive numbered and factory-sealed within genuine 'CertiPAMP' packaging. Set within a laminate card that bears the assayer's signature, serial number and proof of fine metal content, the uniquely transparent design allows for easy viewing of both the ingot's face and reverse, while forever protecting the ingot from damage."

Thanks to PAMP you can now own gold in fractional sizes without having to worry about losing such a small treasure. The cards are easily stored in an index, safety deposit box or wherever you might wish to keep them. And the smaller sizes are much more convenient in the event you ever desire to sell them.

Investment portfolios should be balanced according to the risk tolerances and goals of the individual. In today's current volatile economy, it's crucial to be well diversified, especially with something that you can hold in your hand. For stabilizing your investments, precious metals offer the greatest security.

The timelessness of precious metals guarantees that no matter what happens to our economies, they will always retain value. With current concerns over fiscal policy and financial turmoil, personal ownership of precious metals provides the investor with a shelter from any future economic storms.

In recent years we've seen significant increases in the value of precious metals. Gold has increased in value by an average of 25% a year for the past 10 years and there are no signs of that growth slowing down. Some analysts predict gold prices to rise to $2,500 an ounce or more in the near future.